Case study of a real customer

When Vineeth bought beard bloom three months ago his beard was very patchy. 

He texted us and said ‘I’m embarrassed. I need to get rid of the gaps and grow a thicker beard.

We suggested to use beard bloom ayurvedic oil for 3 months.

For three months he massaged beard bloom oil on his beard - daily 10 minutes.

This is his beard now. It's thick and full.

Beard Bloom is slow, but it works. Because it's traditional Ayurveda.

This is how beard bloom works:

Stage one: stimulates follicles

The main ingredient is root of medicinal plant Yashtimadhu. It increases blood flow to the follicles and delivers hormones and nutrients for stimulating beard growth. It's proven by researches.

Stage two: fixes gaps and patches
The phenols in argan strengthen hair follicles and antioxidants promotes cell production. This fills the gaps and patches. 

Stage three: increases thickness
The essential fatty acids, high iron and carotene penetrates into the follicles and increases the volume of beard.

Stage four: increases length
Milk contains two kinds of proteins, whey and casein. This helps to increase the length of beard. 200 ml of milk is used to prepare 50 ml of beard oil. Yes! Using the traditional ayurvedic boiling method 200 ml of milk is boiled to make 50 ml of oil.

Potency of Beard Bloom

Most of Beard Bloom users report thicker growth after 3 months of use.  

✓ Stimulates growth
✓ Fixes gaps and patches
✓ ISO and GMP certification
✓ 100% Ayurvedic
✓ No side effects
✓ Traditional Ayurvedic manufacturing

Beard Bloomers:




Benefits of having a fuller beard is numerous.

It makes you look masculine
It makes you look attractive
It makes you look healthy

Even studies suggest most women find bearded men a lot more attractive than guys without a beard. Because a great beard signals better genetics, masculinity, better parenting abilities and a higher social status.

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