Beard Bloom Beard Growth Oil Reviews

 Verified Purchase 

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Week 1: No visible change
Week 2: No visible change
Week 3: Very small baby hairs started growing. Not that noticeable.
Week 4: Baby hairs are still there
Week 5: New small hairs started growing long
Week 6: The newly grown hairs are now getting thick
Week 12: Most patches are filled. The beard is much much thicker.

Number of bottles used till now: 2

I have decided to keep using this product. I'll keep updating my review.

 Verified Purchase - Anju R Nair

Purchased for my brother. He is using it everyday for a few weeks can see changes now. It took about 3-4 weeks to see visible beard growth.

 Verified Purchase - Sreenath N

This is a miracle. Must buy

I bought this to see if I could grow any facial hair since I am 28. This is a miracle. My patchy beard is getting filled.

Verified Purchase - 
Bharath Kumar

It's awesome product bcz wn I thought to buy beard oil l done lot of search in Google and I read all oil review after seeing thiz review thought to buy more over it's ayurvedica product no side effects and with in one month of using I coverd my patch beards I m so happy to see my beards I recommend to many frnds to use thiz u I'll get surely results and no side effects

 Verified Purchase Midhun

Its a gread product can see change very fast

 Verified Purchase - Chanakya Vantaram

Wow! What a product.. I have used many of beard oils.. but this one is just amazing... I have been using it for about 3 weeks. It's started showing results.. I'll use the whole bottle and want to use another bottle again..

 Verified Purchase - Vaisakh P Prasad

Superb product...showing good results from the 1st use itself👌... Keep improving

 Verified Purchase - Jithin Anu

I absolutely love the product -- from the scent to the way it makes my skin feel to the increased style-ability and sheen of facial hair.

 Verified Purchase - Fredy Davis

Thats a great product! My beard looks great and smoother.
The smell is light and is a good smell too.

 Verified Purchase - Aravind Modi

Second time buying this oil! Love the smell and feel of it! I generally apply this oil right after getting out of the shower, so that my skin also gets the benefit of the oil moisturizing due to my pores being more open.

 Verified Purchase - Manoj78

Absolutely love this beard oil. I have tried a few other brands and this just seems to work better than the others.

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