Grow the
perfect beard

Ever dreamt of long, soft and black beard? Beard Bloom Oil grants you that wish. The carefully chosen natural oils in Beard Bloom moisturizes the facial hair follicles and pores to stimulate beard growth and improve thickness to give you a refined, polished and seductive look.

  • 100% Ayurvedic
  • Promotes beard growth
  • Supplies necessary nutrient
  • Improves the quality of beard

Super easy to use
A few drops is all you need! Simply just apply to your beard and comb in place! Any excess oils on your hand can be used on your hair or face as a moisturizer! It’s non greasy and quick absorbent! The beard oil will last for 36 months before expiring. Can be used after showering, trimming, morning routine - whenever and however you want!


Based on the Ayurvedic Sacred Text Baishajyaratnavali